Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I love spin (Poking fun at anti-ebook titles and posts)

Sometimes one finds articles that are nothing but spin and thus just fun. It is like their method is hope that ebook adoption slows down...

33% reading ebooks was spun as "Despite the jump in both the number of digital readers and book buyers with devices, the percentage of book readers who said they only read digital books remained below 1% in February, while the percentage of readers who said they will only read print books stayed at 40%."

Oh, and 26% of readers are looking into trying e-reading or increasing the market by 75%... Why didn't the article highlight that?

eBooks lead to print sales sounds pretty pro big6 right? It then goes to say "Ebooks are not killing print." But then the small publishers come out ahead with “Especially on the non-traditional side, we’re seeing the reprint business’ internet-driven business model expand dramatically. It will be interesting to see in the coming years how well it succeeds in the long-term.”

Oh... Small publishers are using ebooks to help sell print! A totally different conclusion than the 1st paragraph leads one to believe...

A no-spin article worth reading.

I have to agree with the last article. Small business can now sell books directly to customers. It is a different world.

What if the Amazon rumors are true about Amazon launching ereading friendly tablets and possibly an ereading phone (which I've been waiting for). Or... what if the 7" tablet is also a phone, that would work for me...

Publishers are not ready for a Christmas where Amazon is a big tablet player... Not to mention a new Nook is expected later this month...

No wonder the AAP is hiding the print sales numbers. The floor is shifting.



  1. Hi Neil,

    While we are in a link-y mood, here's two that might interest you (especially the second).

    #1 In line with your story the top UK trade mag, The Bookseller, reported in it's headline that e-books have dropped back from the post-Christmas high and now only command 2.5% of the market (some figures had the UK e-books at 10% post-Christmas). I thought "wow, quite a drop". Then I read the article. It was a survey. Not hard figures.

    #2 There are rumours that Amazon is planning not one, but TWO tablets to be released this year!


  2. Have you ever seen "Thank you for Smoking"? Now there's a spin artist ;)

    I think the spin from the first paragraph is going to give me whiplash. I can imagine the knots they twisted themselves into to get an answer like 1% only read digital. Something like:

    Q1: Do you have an ereader?
    A1: Yes.

    Q2: Have you, ever in the history of mankind and this earth upon which we trod, NOT read a print book?
    A2: Er... no?

    Conclusion: Nobody reads solely digital! (Eureka!)

    YA: Cheat, Liar, Coward
    Adult: Shackled

  3. Sorry for the late reply. But with my graphs up, I bet no one will notice. ;)

    David, the Kindle tablets and Kindle phone will help spark further ebook sales. I'm very excited at their launch. Alas, all indications are just before Christmas.

    I would go a step further. Almost all digital readers still read paper. You just don't have enough paper readers who have bought the 'vehicle' to read ebooks. That 40% will drop. It will be interesting how clever the surveys have to become to keep up the 40% number...