Monday, June 27, 2011

AAP numbers to be posted soon

I missed the release of the numbers Friday (it wasn't early...)

I have graphs, but I need some time to edit.

Quick summary:
Trade books are at 2005 levels and after inflation that isn't a good thing...
MMPB is at half the $ sales pre-ebooks
In general, print book sales were weak, but not horrid.
Ebook sales are still growing fast. Faster than the 2010 growth rate.

I need to put out the graphs ASAP. Mea Culpa. Alas, it will be at least 24 hours due to more fun obligations...

But hey, even bloggers can have extended weekends. ;)

David already had had up for three days a summary of the numbers.

Got Popcorn?

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  1. Oooh, I'm excited for your graphs! MMPB at half? Oh no, my beloved paperbacks!!!! (; . ;)

    I admit to being a little surprised eBooks are growing faster than 2010 rates..!

    YA: Cheat, Liar, Coward, Thief
    Adult: Shackled