Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bells tolling for textbooks?

Most of my friends with young kids are concerned about the weight of textbooks their children must lug around. More than a few went to the expense of buying 2nd sets of texts so there was never that panic ride back to the school locker. Now, more and more schools are putting the relevant text and homework online, at least here in Southern California.

What I post I do not post lightly. A friend of ours, through our older daughter, was laid off from a textbook related job recently.

South Korea is initiating a switch to ebook textbooks. Now, it wouldn't surprise me if South Korea is helping fund Samsung and LG to develop a better 'textbook tablet.' Oh wait, a country actually getting behind industry to help found a new industry? Wow...

I wonder how long it will take the US to follow? 2014 is a long way off...

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  1. I'm in Ohio, which is and probably always will be behind the times :P However, my brothers are attending the same school system I did. I remember carrying home more than 7 textbooks (so much and so thick that I HELD three in my arms and put what I could in my backpack). Granted, they're only in middle school, but I'm seeing an interesting trend for them as well!

    They are told to bring their books home... and leave them there. Yes, leave all your textbooks AT HOME. So they are always home for your homework. Anything you need in school will be provided for you. All homework assignments (should you forget them in the mess of your locker) are available online and printable!

    Gradebooks are also online now, so parents can SEE if their children are lying about doing their homework. They can SEE when tests are, when projects are due... and almost immediately see what grades their dumplings are receiving...

    I have to say, it's a much better system. Me (and my lower back) are all for it!

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  2. J.E.,

    I'm for it to prevent the injuries some kids are getting. I'm all for kids lugging 10 lbm of books. More? Nyet.