Monday, August 22, 2011

Where are the AAP sales numbers?

Where are the AAP numbers? I see the Bookstats. David has already shown how out of date those numbers are. But Robin shows were in a seasonal lull in ebook adoption.

So I ask, where are the numbers? They should be releasing the nice 'Sunshine' deal from Amazon (June) numbers right now. I speculate that between the Borders debacle and Amazon's sale, the numbers make print look worse than the long term trend.

If you look at Robin's article, we should expect another holiday shift. The interesting bit is that since this is now international (US, UK, Germany for Amazon and soon India), this will provide many opportunities for sales in the future.

But where are the AAP numbers? Hope is not a strategy...


Anyone else think the numbers will be even more convoluted than last month's release (see last link).

8/31/2011 update:
Random House doing well in digital.

"Digital sales across all RH companies for the first half of 2011 have already exceeded their total for all of 2010, Dohle noted. In the U.S., digital sales accounted for over 20% of revenue, and RH has more than 27,000 titles available in e-book formats worldwide. "

There is more worth reading in the above link. I think Random House has been wise in its aggressive move to digital. But they are only doing average for the AAP publishers in ebook market share (See last month's sales numbers and market share


  1. Just a guess, but I would suspect that they are delayed by the whole BookStats report which was a massive undertaking.

  2. David:
    Bookstats might have delayed these numbers, but I think we'll see a strong trend.

    Alas, it doesn't really matter. July has been the strong ebook month. I should have some very interesting new charts (well, I hope others find them interesting). Now that ebooks are doing as well as other formats, some new comparisons are appropriate. I'd just like to wait for the latest data to show my new ways of looking at the data. :)