Thursday, March 29, 2012

January 2012 E-book sales

The data from the AAP is becoming more and more obscure.

 What we know: 1. Ebook sales are up. Substantially for the AAP reporting authors.
2. Ebook sales are continuing to accelerate.
 3. Print share of the book market did ok.

There was a HUGE change in how print data was collected. All indications are that the new methodology artificially grew print versus ebooks.

 Notice that e-books are now 31% of adult sales for the AAP! JA Konrath has pointed about that print would become a subsidiary right. It looks like that will be the case in 2013!

 I was worried that ebooks were slowing growth. This data clearly shows I shouldn't have thought twice about the form factor. I thank Mediabistro for having the data once again. Just two charts this month due to the obscured data. But they tell a clear story:


  1. I was 'more than pleasantly surprised' at the magnitude of the spike. :)

    Note: I think the new methodology of recording print sales improved the children's book sales. That is an area I'm happy to hear about. (My young kids would destroy an ereader during week 1.)