Monday, September 27, 2010

A few Indie books to recommend

I was asked what Indie books would I recommend on anther blog. So I'll recommend a few Indie books and a few published books.

Indie books: Perhaps books I just couldn't find a reason to believe were from an established publisher?

A mystery that has been a lot of fun for someone into history as much as I am:
Billy Boyle is even free today! Available in print by Soho press, 'an independent book publisher.' I'm currently reading the sequel...

A fantasy recommendation (I know Dad... just move on and accept I like the genre.)
City of Rouges albeit Ty Johnston has older books when he was in the conventional publishing business.

More Sci-fi
The Second ship by Richard Phillips. Note: Synergy press is for 'independent authors.' I laugh at the $13.95 list price, the book sells for $0.89 and has for a month!

Here is one that is in between indie and published that would never have seen a bookstore. It is from an online audio publisher; I count that as Indie, but I can also see why others wouldn't. It is the best naval story I've read in a decade. Better than Patrick O'Brien, but not as good as CS Forrester's Haratio Hornblower series:
Quarter Share

A fun scifi, not to be taken seriously and you will have to read through a few pages that *need* a re-edit:
Galaxy of Heroes, by Gus Florey. A few typos, but just fun!

Now for some good stuff from the "backlists". Note, the Baen stuff is free over tat their site.

Space Prison, the survivors.

Ok... I hope I'm not the only one waiting for Pournelle's backlisto to hit the web. Some of those works haven't been in a bookstore since I discovered this author. I found a few used, but there are a few I missed.

And something new for a publisher I enjoyed enough that it has to be recommended, even at $7.99:
Ghengus, birth of an empire

Ok, enough. My daughter woke up, so time to be a daddy. :)

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