Sunday, November 7, 2010

Authors, Make it 'Stupid Easy' to buy your book!

In a discussion over at Konrath's that authors need to make finding their books very easy to find.

One author had a book with a title that was also the title of
Eight books!

My recommendation when you make a comment on blogs is to have a text file which allows you to 'cut and paste' your sinature:

Your Name (or pen name)
Author of: link text/image

Link to multiple books. If you're selling one, put in a *very* brief description.

On your web page please have on the side and at the bottom a link to buy the book. Make it obvious! (e.g., Buy the book for KINDLE NOOK SONY). Do not link to Smashwords expecting buyers to realize that is where they can buy a book. Also, do not hesitate to become an 'Amazon affiliate' to gain a bigger cut. ;)

Also, please make which book in a series your book is. I'm really getting to dislike having to google to fine out which is book #1 in a series! My favorite way is to put the book # in the title. For example:

One Kiss (Book#1 of the Toad series)
Long Tongued Prince (Book #2 of the Toad series)
Warts and Legs (Book #3 of the Toad series)

Every time you make it easier for your customer, you are more likely to sell. Heck, it might just be a sale to a 'drunk clicker.' But at least that is a sale. If your book is read and liked... even better!

Make buying your book 'Stupid easy.'

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