Friday, November 5, 2010

Book buying in October

How many books did you read last month? Myself? Not as many as normal for me. Why? Draculas . We recently had a child, so the scene in the delivery ward just stopped me. Great writing... almost too good.

Why that intro? I notice my credit card bill and the first 7 items were ebooks to replace what I read in October. (Yes... a slow month was 7 books.) :) What I observed:
1. For the first time in years, not one book over $5. Not one.
2. Median of $2.99. This month none below $2 (other than free books...)
3. I buy in batches (rarely one book at a time).

I've been tracking ebook sales and it just feels as if October was a strong transition month from pbooks to ebooks. I'll be curious to see the (very delayed) sales numbers.

I'm not going to be a big buyer in November. I must have downloaded a hundred free books in October. Just for the sake of organizing books on my Kindle, I should read through them! Not to mention a Robert Jordan pre-order should be delivered. ;)

Don't worry indie authors... I'm hooked. I'm sure that at least four books will be purchased.

A recommendation:
The unsuspecting mage (free today) has sucked me into a new fantasy series. Fun!

I will conclude noting it is easy to understand why readers want a series. Once a character and series is interesting... it is so much fun to continue to the next saga. If I didn't organize my Kindle well, I'd forget to continue a series if the next book wasn't available. (I'm going through too many new authors to slow down!) So once you have a good thing going, expand the brand!

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