Monday, December 27, 2010

ereader sales 2010

There are no hard numbers on ereader sales from any vendor.

I'll start with the smaller, but known e-readers:
several hundred thousand Kobo's activated daily starting 12/24/2010.

Then some positive rumors on Sony:
Rumors that Sonly sold 2 million ereaders in 2010

Which gives credence to the 8 million Kindles sold this year. It also puts Nook sales at 3 to 4 million for 2010. Time for B&N to upgrade the servers. ;) I personally didn't think the Nook color would do as well as it did. Kudos to those who anticipated the market. :)

Assuming "hundreds of thousands activated each day" for Kobo probably translates to 500,000 for Christmas... 12/28 Update: They've claimed a million activations. We're looking at 14 to 15 million e-readers sold in 2010. Most of the sales would have been for the holiday season. So we shouldn't have seen any uptick in sales before mid-November. Chanukah was December 2nd through 9th, so there should have been a nice 'spike' right after that.

I've very curious what the 12/24/2010 through today (12/27/2010) Amazon ebook sales.
I hope some of the authors noted sales by day and blog that information. Any links are appreciated.

The ebook revolution set its tap root this year. The growth from now through 2013 should be excellent. Good luck to all the authors. Only now do we have enough 'e-readers in the wild' to launch the market. Kudos to the pathfinders.

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  1. I'm a new writer with low numbers, but here are my 12/21 - 27 sales:

    12/20 - 3
    12/21 - 3
    12/22 - 4
    12/23 - 2
    12/24 - 2
    12/25 - 6
    12/26 - 4
    12/27 - 5 (so far)

    I'm seeing an increase since Christmas Day. Let's hope it continues!
    I'll have complete numbers on my blog early next month.
    Derek's blog: Adventures in ePublishing

  2. Derek,

    Thanks! FYI, I was one of the six on 12/25. :)
    I'm looking forward to the read.


  3. Thanks, I had no idea there were so many ereaders.

  4. Sales by date for Michael Sullivan's The Riyria Revelations:

    12/22 - 280
    12/23 - 288
    12/24 - 335
    12/25 - 249
    12/26 - 368
    12/27 - 717

  5. By the way, the ratio of sales by day for Nathan Lowell (another Ridan Author) matches that pattern almost identically:

    Same ratio for all days except a little fewer sales on the 25th and a bit more sales on the 27th.

  6. Robin,

    Thank you! Wow, 717 on the 27th.

    And Nathan did better on 12/27... Good for him! Hey, I was one of the buyers on the 27th. I would have bought earlier... but we are potty training the oldest daughter.

    Nor did I! As you know, I like to know 'numbers' as there is too much 'hand waving' with e-readers. It is a pleasant surprise how well the ePub ereaders are doing. :)