Wednesday, September 28, 2011

$99 Ereaders

Amazon just dropped the knife on ereader prices via the 'with offers' (add supported Kindles).

Thre Kindles $99 and under.

The new $79 Kindle
The new $99 Kindle touch
The renamed $99 Kindle Keyboard (ex-K3 with Special offers)

Figure 11 shows how many people would, by an older survey, buy ereaders at each price point. I'm going to sum the numbers:

Above $400 1% of the market
Above $300 4% of the market (3% of $300 plus the sum of the higher price points)
Above $200 15% of the market (again, summing the price points)
Above $100 46% of the market will consider an ereader.

Now that we're $79 to $99, 79% of the buying base of ereaders will consider an ereaer. Just by lowering the price of the ereader, the ebook market should grow 71%!

But wait... we still had 'resistance' to ereaders who are 'giving in' and buying an ereader. This is readers 'pulled' to ereaders.

The Boarders BK will 'push' further readers to ereaders.

2012 will have tremendous growth in ebook sales. The last price point of resistance is to get below $50. Amazon has a goal for next Christmas. ;)


Ps (Late edit)
I noticed the new 'Kindle' and 'Kindle Touch' are lighter than the 'Kindle Keyboard' (renamed-K3 w/special offers). I'm still using my K2 and found the lighter weight of the 'Kindle Keyboard' one of its best features.

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