Friday, May 4, 2012

Where is the AAP book sales data?

If I take the bits and pieces of AAP book sales data out there, I calculate -$178.57 million in sales for adult books.  Yes, a negative number.

One Snipet  (note, I do not have a paid, any links to further numbers appreciated)

Midiabistro has a children's sale tidbit

The numbers have never been more convoluted than before.  One doesn't hide great numbers.  I'm sad print is dropping.  I'd really like to know more on how mass market paperback is doing; for I fear it might disappear earlier than my mid-2014 prediction.  :(

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  1. I often have trouble signing in here, but I think today it's working. First thing, just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy the information you put together in a visual way. I know it takes a lot of work, and it's greatly appreciated.

    Second, I've noticed that the numbers are becoming harder and harder to find at the months go on. I think there's a real attempt to not reveal the truth about the ebook market. Sad, but I'm seeing it in other places as well. AND YET, financial filings of various big publishers are admitting that a good profit are coming from the ebooks. It's just that the amount of profit lost in sales of print books is not quite getting made up by ebooks. Yet.

    Still, the profit margin per ebook sale is beating (overall) print profit. The sudden (and some think collusionary) switch to 25% of Net royalties across the board forced on authors really helps.

    It's getting more and more interesting. Maybe one of these days they'll finally be honest and give up clear numbers. I would love to see the graphs that result.

    Keep up the great work!