Saturday, August 25, 2012

I haven't posted for a bit as the AAP ebook sales are convoluted, at best.

I also speculate we have an Indie author breakout happening in 2012.  Not any one author, but a large number of indie authors finding their audience <a href=" ">such as this smashwords expample.</a>

The overall all trend is growth again in ebook sales, but not as strong for the AAP authors as 2011.  The first question is has growth really slowed that much (to just over 1/3rd growth for March 2012 vs. March 2011)?  I doubt it.  What is on your Kindle/Nook/Android/iGadget?  

<a href=" ">Smashwords also brags</a> about their authors finally hitting the NYTimes best seller list. 

It is too early for ebook sales growth to slow this quickly.  That would imply ebooks only make it to about half of the book market.  Instead, I  believe we have new authors finding new audiences.  Heck, about half of my reading (perhaps 1/3rd of my spending) in 2012 has been on new indie authors.

I remain excited about ebooks.  However, they are going from technology to appliance.  In other words, while a new item in the household, we take them for granted rather than gawking at the wonder.

Got Popcorn?

Someone get the AAP to publish their other numbers clearer.  Its pretty obvious items are in decline.  I do wish Amazon had to publish numbers... that would be interesting!

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